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Vignis di Siris

Grape variety: Friulano, Pinot Bianco and Sauvignon
Production area: DOC Isonzo del Friuli - Cormòns
Soil: gravelly and calcareous

Mauro likes to say that Vignis di Siris is symbolic of his cellar, his philosophy of life and his approach to winemaking, which brings past and future together in harmony. “Vignis” is the Friulian for “Vineyard” and “Siris” is the local name for the countryside that surrounds the south-west part of Cormòns, where Mauro’s winery is located. Vignis di Siris is obtained from a blend of the Drius family’s three favourite varieties sourced exclusively from this outstanding vineyard: steel-matured Friulano with cask-conditioned Pinot Bianco and Sauvignon.
The resulting wine flaunts an impeccable equilibrium of ripeness, freshness, exuberance and subtle expressivity. Vignis di Siris presents a brilliant hue sporting yellow-gold highlights. Spicy notes are deliciously offset by an intriguingly nuanced bouquet.
Savoury minerality on the palate reflects the territory.
A fine accompaniment for pasta and rice served with hearty, elaborate sauces. Particularly suitable for white and red meats or platters of fresh and mature cheeses.


Grape variety: Friulano
Production area: DOC Isonzo del Friuli - Cormòns
Soil: gravelly and calcareous

Sensar is the result of selection of Friulano grapes from old vineyards. This wine is dedicated to Sergio.
The wine is called "Sensar", a word in local language which means "mediator". With this word Sergio identified himself.
The color is straw yellow. The bouquet is characterized by complex white floral and dried fruit notes. The palate is full bodied, balanced and savory. The finish is long.
It goes well with appetizers and first dishes, in particular fish dishes, soups and white meats. Particularly suitable to accompany ham, even when lightly smoked.