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The Drius family farms fifteen hectares planted to vine on the verdant slopes of Mount Quarin above Cormòns and the upper flatlands of the blue Isonzo river. Both DOC zones produce wines with astonishingly complex sensory profiles, encouraged by perfect exposure to sunlight and an ideal climate that is sheltered by the Alps and tempered by breezes from the nearby Adriatic. The Driuses coax the best from these two adjoining but very different areas, both extraordinarily suited to viticulture. In the Collio, the gently rolling sandstone and marl hillslopes yield stunningly good, richly fragranced, dry white wines. The mainly limestone-based and alluvial soils of the Isonzo DOC zone produce elegantly refined, refreshingly savoury whites and full-bodied, sumptuously flavoured reds.
Two overlapping lines underneath the Drius name in the logo reflect the fact that the estate vineyards embrace both the Collio and Isonzo DOC zones, and that the wines find a perfect synthesis in the cellar.