Mauro Drius, his wife Nadia, their children Denis, Erika and Valentina with grandparents Sergio and Adriana form a close-knit family. Remaining true to a centuries-old heritage while looking forward to a sustainable future, the Driuses have made respect for the natural environment the mainstay of their farming philosophy. Work among the rows focuses on the quality of the grapes, which is then transferred to the bottle because Mauro Drius is convinced that “the quality of the berries makes or breaks a great wine”. Drius farming is neither conventional nor organic.
The Drius approach is rational and strives to balance tradition, experience renewed each day and experimentation underpinned by study. Each variety is planted in a specific site selected on the basis of its soil profile and unique site climate. High-impact soil treatments are shunned, and waste avoided, while the vinification process seeks to bring out to the full the terroir’s potential.