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For centuries, the Drius family has been farming grapes in the extreme north-east of Italy.

The DOC zones here are the Collio and Isonzo, both noted for the outstanding quality of their wines since ancient times.

Popes, kings and emperors enjoyed them in Rome, London and Vienna. The area’s heyday was under Hapsburg rule in the sixteenth century when the territory around Cormòns was famed for its many inimitable wines.


Mauro Drius, his wife Nadia, their children Denis, Erika and Valentina, and grandparents Sergio and Adriana are a family united by a long-established farming tradition to which they have brought new life and energy.

The Driuses focus on production, which means vineyard management using techniques that respect the environment. Organic methods and alternative energy sources are extensively employed with an eye to keeping any chemical intervention to an absolute minimum.

Farming the Drius way is carefully thought-out. Each grape variety is grown in its own special place, chosen on the basis of soil type and site climate, while winemaking is designed to coax out the best of the grapes’ flavours and fragrances.

Il territorioThe territory

Dal Collio all'Isonzo, sintesi perfettaFrom Collio to Isonzo, the perfect sintesys

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